mad [ mæd ] adjective **
1. ) never before noun INFORMAL angry:
He makes me mad, the way he keeps criticizing me.
mad at/with: My boss is mad at me for missing the meeting.
2. ) MAINLY BRITISH very silly or stupid: CRAZY:
be mad to do something: You're mad to spend so much money on clothes.
stark raving mad (=extremely crazy): You gave your car away? You're stark raving mad!
a ) INFORMAL tending to behave in a strange way that other people sometimes consider funny:
a mad scientist
b ) OFFENSIVE an offensive way for describing someone who is mentally ill:
She was completely mad.
c ) (as) mad as a hatter OFTEN HUMOROUS extremely silly or strange, sometimes because of mental illness
d ) someone must be mad (to do something) MAINLY SPOKEN used for saying that someone is doing something very stupid, or has done something very stupid:
You must be mad to sell that beautiful house.
3. ) done quickly or without thinking, in a way that is badly organized:
There were people everywhere it was all a bit mad!
drive someone mad INFORMAL
to make someone feel extremely angry, upset, or bored:
Please stop making that banging noise it's driving me mad!
He drives me mad with his constant criticizing.
1. ) to become mentally ill
2. ) to start behaving in a dangerous uncontrolled manner:
He went mad and tried to attack someone.
3. ) to become extremely excited and happy:
The waiting crowd went mad when she stepped out of the car.
4. ) to become crazy because you are so bored, upset, etc .:
I would go mad if I had to stay in bed for three weeks.
like mad INFORMAL
1. ) very quickly and with great effort:
We had to work like mad to finish the job before the weekend.
2. ) a lot:
They've all been practicing like mad.
3. ) in a way that you cannot control or stop:
She was blushing like mad.
mad about someone INFORMAL
very much in love with someone:
Jack and I were mad about each other.
mad about something INFORMAL
very enthusiastic about something:
Charlie's mad about motorcycles.
a mad dash/rush
a situation in which you are hurrying to do something because you do not have much time:
It was a mad rush to get everything done in time.
mad with rage/grief/pain etc.
unable to behave or think in a sensible or controlled way because of great anger, sadness, pain, etc.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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